10 Photographs that beautifully capture the essence of Goru Bihu | Rongali Bihu

For us Axomiya people, Bihu is the best time of the year. Bohag Bihu marks the coming of Assamese new year as well as spring. Bohag Bihu starts with goru bihu where cows are washed and worshipped for their generosity towards us humans.

Goru bihu is all about joy, collective washing of cows and of course “Lau khaa bengena khaa, bosore bosore barhi jaa, Maare horu Bapere horu toi hobi Bor Goru”.

Here are 10  photos which capture the essence of Goru Bihu.

The entry

The affection 

The ritual 

The connection 

The splash 

The special treatment 

The tradition 

The love

The wash

The harmony

Bonus photograph:

Photography – Upamanyoo Das



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