Navarasa Talkies’ satirical take on regional news channels is on point

Guwahati, January 15: Navarasa Talkies, a production house based in Guwahati, has recently released a video on Facebook which is a satirical criticism of the regional news channels of Assam and their journalistic sensibility. Now, we all know the standard of some news broadcast by our news channels; we have seen them and we undoubtedly remember them. The team of Navarasa raises logical questions, with a satirical angle, on such news.

Watch the video here.

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About Navarasa Talkies: It is a production house started up by a bunch of young minds in the year 2015. This fresh production house is run by individuals who aspire to promote creative work. The group is involved in making Wedding films in Cine style, Music Videos, Documentaries, Feature Films, Short Films among others.

Check out their page on Facebook here.



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