Why is National Science Day celebrated?

National Science Day (February 28)

February 28 is celebrated as the National Science Day in India, many of us are aware about it; but how many of us know why this day is celebrated as the National Science Day every year, across the nation.

Here is why:

We have all heard about Indian Scientist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, or popularly known as Sir CV Raman. On this day (February 28) in 1928, Sir CV Raman had discovered the phenomenon of scattering of photons, which ater came to be known as the “Raman Effect” after his name. It must be noted that after two years, in 1930, Sir CV Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for this remarkable discovery and this was the first Nobel Prize of India in the field of Science. To mark this discovery, February 28 is celebrated as National Science Day every year in India.

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History of National Science Day:

The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) asked the Government of India to designate February 28 as the National Science Day in the year 1986. The then Government of India accepted the proposal and accordingly declared February 28 as the National Science Day. The first National Science Day was observed on February 28, 1987.

Since then, the National Science Day is observed on February 28 every year with the primary objective to spread the message and importance of Science and its application in people’s daily life.

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