Mishing | Exclusive interview with the producer of the film

Guwahati, April 15: It is no new news that Sahitya Akademi Awardee Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi Mishing is all let to be represented in front of the audience as a feature film.

Shooting of the Sherdukpan is already completed and is now in the post production stage.

The film is directed by Bobby Sarma Baruah, of Sonar Baran Pakhi fame and produced by Sulakhyana Baruah, co-produced by Basanta Kumar Baruah and Bobby Sarma Baruah.

A working still from Mishing

Team UniTreed had the opportunity to meet the producer of the film Sulakhyana Baruah and talk about the journey of Mishing.

  • How did the journey start?

Sulakhyana: The journey started after I returned from Mumbai, completing my course there. I started working with my mother then, who has always been my inspiration. In fact, she is the reason why I am in the field of mass media today.

  • How did you get into Mishing?

Sulakhyana: I wanted to start something on my own. And we have been discussing about this project since a very long time. But the biggest hurdle was the finance, we don’t get investments as independent film makers. Even the audience is not that supportive sometimes. The script of Mishing is really enthralling. It attracted me so much that I asked my mother to make my film and said that I will produce the film. She supported me and the journey began.

  • First experience as a producer?

Sulakhyana: I wanted to do everything on my own. Yes, I am young but age is just a number, right? Then I took a loan. Of course, it was a huge thing on my behalf as the amount was very big. But then, everything happened so smoothly. This was my first time behind the camera, I had acted before, and it was a great learning experience.

  • They say ‘Production is the most unthankful job’, what do you have to say about it?

Sulakhyana: I think production is the backbone of any film. It’s not just about the money; one has to manage everything, from the tiniest of things to the largest, including the budget, cast and crew, equipment, support team, the list just goes on. If the production is not good, the film can never be. One of course has to manage the time frame too.

The team of Mishing at an indoor location in Arunachal Pradesh

  • When can we expect to see the film at the theatres?

Sulakhyana: Towards the end of 2018. We are trying to do everything in the best possible way, to give an excellent product to our audience.

  • Keeping in mind you cannot reveal the whole story, what will we get to see in Mishing?

Sulakhyana: Anybody who has read the novel will know the story; it is based on a belief of the Sherdukpan community of Arunachal Pradesh. It’s a thriller. Language of the film is also Sherdukpan.

  • What is this belief?

Sulakhyana: There is a belief among the community members that even after the death of a person, the soul remains behind. People may think of it as an exaggeration but I myself have felt it during the shoot, an adrenaline rush. So, the movie is based on a belief which is very true to the community.

  • Do you think the language will be a barrier for the audience?

Sulakhyana: Not at all. This film is primarily for the international audience and for them, language is never a barrier. And of course, the subtitles are always there.

The team of Mishing includes Bobby Sarma Baruah (Script and Direction), Sulakhyana Baruah (Producer), Basanta Kumar Baruah (Co-producer), Ratul Deka (Editor), Sonu Kumar (Cinematographer), Rahul Rabha (Sound), Photik Baruah (Production Design), Sanku Baruah (Make Up), Gita Rani Goswami (Costume), Udai Bhaskar Pator (Chief Assistant), Ratul Deka and Sulakhyana Baruah (Assistants).

Team UniTreed wishes the team of Mishing all the success.

Keep tuning in to UniTreed; we will be back with the exclusive interview with the director soon.



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