Meet these Instagram Entrepreneurs making it big in their field

The virtual mode of shopping has quite well grasped the nerve of customers today. Not only the websites and apps contribute towards it, but social networking sites/apps do that too! Yes you heard it right. Many of us are not aware of the fact that the photo sharing social networking app ‘Instagram’ provides the provision for a business profile too. Instagram have pretty instantly built its space among active internet users but little is known about the fact that a mere photo sharing app would turn out to be next shoppers’ stop online.

Instagram today have thousands of business profiles from different corners of the world. The sellers are mostly home-based start-ups and certain boutiques. It provides a B2C (Business to Consumer) platform to conduct business directly between the two ends. This mode of Instagram entrepreneurship is making its repute across the country. Because, here you get to connect with the best of talents in just a click. Wait, have you ever heard of thread earrings or crochet earring? What about a dream-catcher accessory?

Yes, you are reading it right! In Instagram you get the opportunity to customize the way you want your accessories to be; it can be a pair of jewelry, gift or clothing. Many of the sellers are their creators as well.

The sellers are usually college students and home-makers, who are self-made entrepreneurs and their own boss. Speaking to a Delhite, Anika Khandelwal, the owner at @purplerosecreations, shares how a friend had introduced her to quilling crafts once and soon she learnt to weave her own ‘Thread-jewelries’, which is the specialty of her page. With an average of 20-25 customers per month, Anika, who is a final semester student, recounts she has customers from all over the country. The challenge to her business, she says, is gaining people’s trust to this new mode of business. She calls herself a jewelry freak and tries to reach out to people like her.

Sunayana Sen, a post graduate student from Guwahati and owner of the Instagram page @dreamlove_s narrates how her ‘fascination for dream-catchers’ led her to create an Instagram business profile a year ago. The journey was not an easy one. Sunayana, who has an average of 15-25 customers per month, says that maintaining a balance between studies and work is not an easy task. To this girl, the challenges remains when people question the genuineness of the profile, although it has more than 3000+ followers. With her passion for work, she believes to contribute in letting the world know about hidden talents of the still neglected North-Eastern region.

Last comes the Instagram entrepreneur with a multiple role, Barsha Das. Barsha hails from Kolkata and is a 21 year-old owner of the page @treasure_trunk_2016. She is also the mother of a five months old baby. She recollects of the time when she was eight months pregnant and was trying to learn crochet shoe making from YouTube. It was at that time when she decided to go for crochet jewelry which remains the specialty of her page. Giving time to her family and her baby, she tries to maintain best to her possibilities as more than a business, it is a passion for her. She crafts beautiful crochet jewelries and has an average of 100 customers per month.

Instagram today has turned out to be the platform where the concealed talents are finding their ways. Not only the sellers are befitted but as a customer one can also get access to the best of crafted items at such pocket friendly prices.

To view more of their amazing products, visit their Instagram profiles.



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