Meet the title winner of LotiGhoti Axomiya Calendar Girl 2017 | UniTreed Exclusive

Studying in Handique Girls’ College, Anindita Kakoti loves dancing, music, singing and collecting new tops. Her aim in life is to become a child specialist and before winning the crown title of Lotighoti Axomiya Calendar Girl 2017, she has been the winner of fashion diva 2016.
Team UniTreed’s rendevous with Anindita Kakoti gave us the following insights about the title winner.
UniTreed: What attracted you to LotiGhoti Axomiya Calendar Girl 2017?
Anindita: The thing which attracted me the most about Lotighoti Axomiya Calendar Girl 2017 is the essence of our tradition that has been revealed so beautifully and the agendas of this show specially the aim of INSPIRING GREEN LIFESTYLE, that grabbed my attention the most.
UniTreed: Speaking of the theme “Inspiring Green Lifestyle”, how do you think in the 21st century we can lead a sustainable green life?
Anindita: This year’s theme is one of the best themes I have ever heard or known of. I think this theme which will grab everyone’s attention like it has grabbed mine. And I think it was very important to highlight the importance of our green surroundings and I must appreciate the hard work of Mr. Lakhinath Hira (Founder of LotiGhoti) and his team who have highlighted  this important motive through a beauty pageant, because I think today’s generation are too busy to give importance to our green surroundings. LotiGhoti has made it possible and grabbed the attention of us youngsters through this beauty pageant and I believe many of the youngsters have had started working to fulfill the aim of green lifestyle. I myself have been inspired
UniTreed: So the cliche question. How does it feel?  Any message for upcoming talents in the field?
Anindita: Being crowned as the winner of the 2nd edition of Lotighoti Axomiya Calendar Girl 2017, I feel blessed and honoured to represent my culture. I also feel privileged to become the brand ambassador of LotiGhoti and I will make sure to do full justice to this title. I will fulfill the expectation of those who are expecting from me to shine and give my hundred percent. And to the upcoming talents of this field, I would suggest them to give there best and believe in themselves and work with full dedication; success will be theirs.
UniTreed: Suggestion for our readers on how and why to lead a green life?
Anindita: I think green lifestyle is very important for us and for that we can plant more and more trees as a beginning, as it provides oxygen and keeps our surrounding pollution free. And I think if each one of us takes up the effort of planing as many trees as we can in our surroundings, very soon we will lead a green and pollution free life.

Team UniTreed congratulates her and wishes her all the luck for her future.



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