Meet Mrigakhi Deka, who secured 126th rank in UPSC exam 2017

Mrigakhi Deka, an alumnus of the prestigious Assam Engineering College (AEC), Guwahati has marked her name in golden letters in the list of Assam’s successful candidates in the Union Public Service Commission Exam (UPSC) 2017.

She successfully secured the 126th rank in an exam which is widely considered as “THE TOUGHEST EXAM IN INDIA”.

The owner of a star personality, yet simple, Mrigakhi Deka has become an icon for many UPSC aspirants of Assam. Her way of lighting up interviews with candid answers has been loved and admired by everyone.

An avid Harry Potter book series fan, she displayed signs of a sincere student from her early academic years. As a high school student of Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV), Duliajan, she was able to score the all India highest marks in Hindi in her Xth CBSE board exams.

It is noteworthy to mention that Mrigakhi Deka is also the first person from the oil town of Duliajan to have cleared the UPSC examination.

Mrigakhi is also an accomplished lawn tennis player and had brought accolades to KV by representing her school and winning in KV national level in 2008.

Participating in debates and following international relations are Mrigakhi’s fields of interest in leisure times.

In her early years as an engineering student of Electronics and Telecommunications Department of AEC, she had her fair share of failures.

In the later years, she could not get through SBI PO and RBI PO examinations. She was eliminated from the final stage of CAPF Assistant Commandant in 2017.

Also, in her first attempt, Mrigakhi was unsuccessful in the prelims round of UPSC 2016.

She gave up her campus placement job in TCS to prepare for civil service examinations. But these situations could never break her confidence.

Mrigakhi says “Failures and disappointments will be always present but never wanting to give up is the secret ingredient to achieve the unachievable”.

She cites mental strength as a key for this examination. Keeping aside the fact that she has accumulated vast knowledge, she stresses on the part where she learned various life lessons in this entire preparation period. A very calm Mrigakhi gives most of the credit for her result to her parents saying “They are my world. They were the ones who guided and encouraged me throughout my journey. I am thankful for their sacrifices and for bearing with me all this time”.

Her success story is definitely going to resonate with, inspire and change many who are still under the impression that clearing UPSC is only for exceptionally intelligent people.

We are proud of Mrigakhi and wish her nothing but success in her future endeavors and hope that our readers understand that with determination and dedication like that of Mrigakhi’s, Nothing is Impossible!

By Sumona Chetia



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