Media persons maintain satisfactory health status, reveals series of clinics at GPC

Guwahati, December 24: Most of the media persons and their families in the city maintain satisfactory health status, according to a series of tests, conducted recently at the Guwahati Press Club (GPC) for the benefit of its members along with their close relatives. Nearly 90 percent of the participants showed good result in the tests of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), Haemoglobin, Blood Sugar, Uric Acid and Creatinine.

Media clinic at the Press Club premises

“Out of 60 participants in the TSH test conducted by Dispur Hospitals on November 25 and December 09, ten individuals showed thyroid disorder. Some others have shown the tendency to cross the limit, but they might manage the disorder with physicians’ guidelines” said a GPC statement. Meanwhile, over 65 participants in the December 16 camp, organized by the city based Apollo Hospitals information centre, showed satisfactory result in the  haemoglobin test. However, eight out of them were diagnosed with high uric acid, five with blood sugar and two with creatinine, added the statement.

All the participants can get their blood reports from the office of the press club. They may also consult with the attending physician at the weekly “Evening with a Doctor” program for necessary



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