Location can never be a barrier | This is what teen innovator from Lakhimpur has been proving

Location can never be a barrier | This is what teen innovator from Lakhimpur has been proving.

Teen innovator Dhruba Jyoti Kakati, who lives in a remote village located 45 kms away from Lakhimpur town has been shining in the field of innovation. He did not have access to the internet till class X and in his village, even now. In spite of all these barrier he was curious to know about science & technology and acquired knowledge from books, papers and magazines.

From his childhood he wanted to motivate and make people aware about science and technology and motivate people towards entrepreneurship.

All these obstacles encouraged him to start a new venture “Haritkona”, a bimonthly Assamese magazine which covers Science and technology to entrepreneurship.

The motive behind starting Haritkona Magazine is that he wants the native people of his region to have access to Science and Technology issues.

He started this magazine in 2016 with an amount of 2500 rupees and funds from his friends.

Though the editor of the magazine is Dhrubajyoti himself, there are also sub editors- Manash Pratim Chetia and Subhrajit Khaund. Publicity is done by Nitish Kumar Duworah; Udit Phukan and Imran Hussain are in the Distribution Department of the magazine. All of them are students.

They want everyone to come up to help the cause and also contribute as a Journalist and agent of the magazine.

Recently they also started a new YouTube channel Haritkona TV to encourage the people of North East where they focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and motivation.

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