Kraftsbay: Preserving local products and interest

Jorhat, September 29: “In the race of modernisation and technology, the cultural integrity and customs of the nation are lagging behind. The local industries are suffering and are in dire need of proper marketing and opportunity. The place is full of talents but lacks exposure.” – this annoyed a young lad, from Jorhat Engineering College, who wanted to change the course of fate. Thus, was initiated the journey of Kraftsbay in November, 2016. The idea was spread to many colleges from National Institute of Technology, Silchar in the Barak Valley to Dibrugarh University in the Brahmaputra Valley, Salt Brook College to Assam Engineering College and Assam Agricultural University to Tezpur University and many other colleges of the state. Slowly and gradually the team grew; students of institutes from all over the state had a part to play in one way or the other and all worked towards a common goal i.e. preserving local products and interest of the locals.

Thus, Kraftsbay chose the medium of e-commerce to contribute to this cause. Kraftsbay, now, is a consultative online platform which caters all the daily needs from apparels to home decor, jewellery to books, directly from the roots and heart of the Indian cultural ecosystem.

“Well who would not want classy handmade items at an affordable price? Well, that’s where we come in! We connect you with all those talented and unparalleled artisans and weavers so that you can purchase such invaluable items at the best price.” says a member of Kraftsbay in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

“We are working solely to uplift the locally made goods and preserve the ethnic culture of the various Indian societies by connecting them through our portal to all those who have a good traditional taste. Come and be a part of our Journey.” another team member adds.

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