Do you know about the Indian Army’s High Altitude Warfare School?

The High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) located at Gulmarg is a training and research establishment of the Indian Army. The school runs specialist training programmes for mountain and winter and is one of the most competent warfare schools of the world.

It may be mentioned that selected soldiers from UK, Germany and other countries also visit the HAWS for specialist training.

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The High Altitude Warfare School was established by the Indian Army to train its personnel on High Altitude Warfare, Counter Intelligence and Survival. This course is mainly offered to the Indian Army personnel posted in Siachen Glacier.

During the training, the personnel are taught to integrate with the environment so that they can guard the Himalayan frontiers effectively.

Watch a video of HAWS here.


The school was established in December, 1948, by General Kodendera Subayya Thimayya, then holding the rank of Brigadier. It was initially known as the 19 Infantry Division Ski School.

During the winter of 1949-50, the school was redesignated as a Command Establishment and renamed as the Winter Warfare School.

On April 08, 1962, it was upgraded to a Category A Training Establishment and adopted its current name of High Altitude Warfare School.

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