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Guwahati, October 12: The Tiwa community, one of the indigenous ethnic tribes of Assam, has immense contribution to the Assamese Culture. We all know the Jonbeel Mela, right? With a population of 1,71,000 according to the 2001 Census, only around 26,000 people speak the Tiwa language (2001 Census).

Assamese Cinema recently completed 80 years, but with only one VCD film in Tiwa language. To change this, a Team/Production House by the name of “The Wild Lalungs” created the Tiwa feature film “Cholôma“, which shall be the first Tiwa film to be certified by the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification). Directed by Sumir Dewri, the film is a combination of two stories inspired by true incidents.

In his first class in the Regional Government Film and Television Institute, Sumir Dewri introduced himself as a member of the Tiwa community. It was at that moment the lecturer advised him to make a Tiwa film after he completes the diploma diploma course as nobody, till date, has had the taste of Tiwa films. And thus, Cholôma is the result. Dewri started his field study in 2012 and writing the script in 2013.

On October12, 2016, the first schedule of production began at Balikhunji village in West Karbi Anglong. “The schedule broke its tempo many a time due to bad weather conditions; weather was a major difficulty, nobody could predict anything. In such a wet and hilly place, the team had taken the challenge to work and managed the continuity section” said Sumir. The film is scheduled to release on December, 2017.

About the shooting experience, Dewri says “The film has taught us how to survive in jungles and confront harsh situations of life. In the production schedule, our team risked their lives and climbed up on some 75° angle, up hill slope along with the equipments and food without any harness. Sometimes, we did not find any path and our team would climb trees to go forward. We have spent nights at the hills. Our local location experts were really helpful and took full care of the team’s safety. The film happened only because of the understanding in our team. And hats off to all the technicians from RGFTI. Our team simply wants to present a good Tiwa film for the viewers and well wishers.”

It must be mentioned that the post production works of a Documentary on the Tiwa community is also going on, produced by The Wild Lalungs.

Team UniTreed wishes the team of Cholôma all the success.



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