Jorhat origin Doodle Artist creating remarkable pieces of Art

Jorhat, January 10: Doodles, simple drawings with deep meanings created with lines and curves, often leading to an abstract meaning, has become highly popular among Artists as well as the audience across the globe. Assam too has not stayed behind in this Art form and several doodle artists of the state have been making their mark in national as well as international platforms. One among such artists is Pallab Baruah, who hails from Jorhat and is currently based in Delhi.


“I am into the world of sketching, doodling and illustrations. I had my interests in Art since my budding years and fortunately, was very blessed to be guided by renowned artist Late Madhab Baishya, who helped me hone my skills” says Pallab in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

This unwavering passion for art compelled Pallab to take up Fashion Designing; he completed his graduation from INIFD, Delhi. “But somewhere in between being buried in hectic office apparel designing works, I lost myself, as the burning desire for art and paintings in me wasn’t extinguished but rather started burning profusely. So, I delved into the world of art again, started making wall-arts and sketches and then I managed to grab some eyeballs when I submitted my entry to the International Red Bull Doodle Art Championship.


Speaking on Art, he say “Art can be anything, from pottery to visual art. Fine Art for me is a medium of expression of the universe in each one of us and surrounding us from humane feelings to everyday struggles to the physical universe. And through my kind of artwork, I try to portray the subconscious state of human minds where gods, man’s fears and their quest for survival with little dreams of luxury and ecstasy forms the core.”

The Dark side of the Morning

“Art is the reason what makes life worth living. It helps us to dream and hope, which are two major things for humanity’s survival, for a better tomorrow. It helps us cope with sadness, isolation and depression which are a major concern in today’s world. Art is an emancipation or dilution of the pain we go through. So spread Art, spread Love” he adds.

Mortifying Desires

Mostly dealing with mythological characters and stories and abstract artworks with intricate detailing, Pallab is hugely inspired by some of the great artists of this genre that include DZO Olivier and Mihai Manescu. “They always set a benchmark and inspires artists like me to strive for making more such artworks” he says.

Tandava Stotram

Tandava Stotram (Coloured)

His artworks were previously commissioned artworks for Ultratribe. “I have had my hands tried at some tattoo illustrations too. My work was selected for a New York based publication house as the cover of an international cookbook” a proud doodle artist says.

Divine Divergence – A fractal form of Ardhanarishvara

Shiva Chronicle

It must be noted that Pallab has also designed the logo and done the art cover work fo albums and bands. He was also for Live Sketching at the Jeypore Rainforest Festival, which was given to Minister of Health and Education Himanta Biswa Sarma and MP Rameshwar Teli. He is presently working on the Art Cover for the third album of the band “Shadow and Light”.

“I have a few projects in my hand presently. Besides the regular artworks, there are some which are graffiti and calligraffiti works” informed Pallab.

Here are a few more sample of his works.

The Tempest and the Keeper

Table of Antithesis ii

Check out more of his works here.

Check out his instagram account here.



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