Jalukbari beautification on under Guwahati Smart City Mission

Guwahati, January 31: Walls of the Railway over-bridge at Jalukbari in Guwahati are being draped with graffiti art under the Guwahati Smart City Mission for beautification of the city. The graffiti consists of traditional Dhul, Pepa and Horai.


Artists for the project at Jalukbari include Rahul Saikia, Nayan Talukdar and David Das. “We also have several other projects coming up” said Rahul in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “This one is for the smart city mission, and also the Advantage Assam summit coming up on the first week of February” he adds.

The artist and his work

Rahul Saikia, who hails from Guwahati, is a graffiti artist; he also creates crafts and murals.



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