Jajabor 2: Through Europe | Travelogue by an Assamese video artist

Jajabor 2 is the second edition of the Jajabor series, a travelogue with cinematic touch. The direction, cinematography and editing of Jajabor has been done by Vishal P Chaliha. A production of Roar Creations, Jajabor 2 was shot in Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy.

“I could have used some other English words for the video but I wanted it to be named as Jajabor because in most of my short films, I use Assamese words because I love to promote my Assamese culture and literature, in short my land, my Assam” says Vishal in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. He went to Europe as his documentary was screened at a Festival in Germany. “After that I was free, so I thought why not utilise the time and make a travelogue out here. Jajabor 2 was the result” he adds.

Watch the video here.

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Watch the first video of the Jajabor series here.



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