Guwahati Guy creates amazing realistic portraits of Celebrities

Guwahati, December 04: Assam is full of talents, in each and every field, in each and every corner of state.  One of such talents is Amit Das from Guwahati. An Artist by profession, he completed his BSc in Biotechnology from Asian Institute of Management and Technology and is presently pursuing MBA from NEF College of Management and Technology.

Amit Das

“Drawing was my hobby since I was a kid. But it never came to my mind to go to a Art School or becoming an artist. I was always interested in Science” says Amit in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “Around mid 2016, I came across some realistic artworks in social media and I thought of trying to sketch some realistic drawings. I started making portraits of celebrities. At first, it took me a lot of time and the work wasn’t so great. So I kept practising and posted them on social media” he adds.

Amit’s work

“As I kept improving, I started getting orders. I thought why not use my efforts and skills to make someone else happy. So I started taking orders and also continued my studies.” say Amit.

It takes Amit around 16 to 20 hours to complete a sketch. “When I deliver an order to a client, I see a smile on their face, thanking me and appreciating my work. What i feel at that moment is speechless. And that is the reason I want to continue my work and keep getting better” says a smiling Amit.

Amit currently working with Anish Kashyap on a page “Treasure Box”, where they take orders from all over India.

Check out a few more samples of his work here.

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