From Rs 10 to Lakhs – The journey of a food startup from Assam | Gaon Ka Khaana

“The idea was founded on 15th Jan, 2016. Then it was under R&D and after market penetration GKK became operational on 10th June, 2016″ says founder Hironmoy Gogoi.

Team GKK

GKK or Gaon Ka Khaana is a food tech startup serving ethnic Assamese cuisine at urban doorsteps. “The main target of GKK is to generate 3K+ jobs in rural Assam within next five years to bring a significant economical upgradation throughout the state” says Hironmoy.


GKK operates with two more wings:

  1. GKK Naturals – Empowering the vegetable sellers from rural areas to get the market without the need of visiting the town everyday and not to bear the hurdle of returning home late night.
  2. GKK Mondita Snacks – Enhancing the women and SHGs in rural areas to earn right from the comfort of their home by producing the traditional food items.

It must be noted that GKK was started with zero core investment with ten rupees in hand and now the team’s hard work and dedication has taken GKK towards doing business over lakhs. The team of GKK comprises of Hironmoy Gogoi (Founder & Strategist), Pori Rajkhowa (CEO), Dipjyoti Gogoi (Logistics & Ops Head), Dhanmoni Lahon (BDM),  Jhornali Dutta (Production Head), Monalisha Borah (Hospitality Manager) and Abdul Karim (Team Manager).


Hironmoy states “GKK was an experimental project to win over the misconceptions of the people regarding inadequate jobs in Assam and business insecurities. The message we try to convey through GKK is that business isn’t all about investment rather it’s about finding the right idea addressing the right market needs and your credibility of execution to scale your business gradually. There are still great ideas which can be initiated with minimum investment.”

“Actually doing business has become much easier than before, with the upgradation of latest technology, if one can execute it precisely at the right time because no matter how great your idea is or how good your team is you always need to wait for the right timing to showcase your product and to play the shot tactfully to get tremendous results in less period of time” – Hironmoy’s statement in a press  meet.

“If a foreign brand can get into our markets with their own recipes and are doing a great business, then why can’t we capture our own markets with our own recipes? This is how we are motivating ourselves” adds the founder.

GKK is empanelling service providers across Assam and at present services can be availed in Sivasagar, Jorhat, Nazira and Moran. GKK also sends products to any major city in India. The future of goal of GKK is to build a new economically strong Assam by expanding its business to both national and international markets.

Message by the founder: “Don’t just look at the money excessively since the early stage of your journey rather develop the value of your product by upgrading it every passing day to build a great business. If you do so then it may take a while but you will get both investors and satisfactory revenue in short span of time. Go with the perfect TIME to let your business SHINE.”
Phone number – 076630 30350
Team UniTreed is proud to be associated with GKK and feature their story. We wish GKK all the best for their future.



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