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Fat Belly, a new pan-Asian restaurant founded by HSLC rank holder Dhiraj Deka  with his friend Parixit Bhattacharjee whom he met during his course of study in Assam Engineering College, is the new foodie hangout in Guwahati.

Both Dhiraj Deka and Parixit Bhattacharjee worked for top multi-national companies in Mumbai and Goa but deep down in their heart, it was a dream to return to Guwahati and venture into the food sector. This very dream of theirs have taken the shape of Fat Belly. Manjita Kailta Chowdhury is the third co-founder of the restaurant andhas been working in the catering and restaurant business for the last 15 years.

The main attraction of Fat Belly lies in the 20 varieties of momos they offer besides a number of Indo-Chinese items. Vodka momo is a must try.

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The restarant serves chicken, pork, fish and prawn items along with vegetarian food. Fat belly special starters include chicken lollipop, chicken, pork and paneer yakitori, drums of heaven, a variety of chicken wings and wontons.

Here are two reviews of Fat Belly from their official facebook page

A cute place to hangout. The service is very good. Well behaved people. Also the food is tasty, they are vegetarian friendly too.
Keep the good work up – Gunjan Sharma

The one joint for all foodies that triggers our taste buds is of course Fat Belly! An exuberence of pan Asian cusines and its 20 unique types of momos(especially the Afghani momo),makes it a place to be visited again – Lubana Chakraborty

PS. The place is pocket friendly too.

So, people of Guwahati and Assam! Pay this amazing place a visit.



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