EooT Technologies : Changing lives with a touch

In today’s world, people are running behind jobs; everyone wants a job in a good company or organization and want their life to be settled. The IT sector today has spread almost all over the world. But when it comes to IT services in India Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai are considered as IT hubs. The history of India’s IT service industry can be traced back to 1967 Mumbai with the establishment of the Tata group in partnership with Burroughs. Then it expanded to other metropolitan cities. But when it comes to Northeast, the scenario is different. Can Northeast India be an IT Hub?

This is a story of three young talents who are trying to change the IT scenario in the North East. Manzoor Raziq, Anupam Kakati and Dipankar Dutta are the individuals from Assam who came up with a new idea called “EooT” through which they want to establish North East as an IT hub. They are al engineering graduates. Anupam and Manzoor were working in Hyderabad in a Multinational company where they were assigned a specific task. There were around five employees from Assam and the whole task was successful only because of their efforts. But all credits were taken by someone else and they did not receive any recognition. This incident forced them to think about their strength, where they stand and the reasons why North East is still underdeveloped.

When asked about EooT, Manzoor states “Eoot is nothing but everything in one touch. The objective of EooT Technologies is to digitalize North East and Employment Generation”. They are focusing to enhance the three D’s by 2020 – Developed, Digital and Dynamic Northeast. “The basic idea of EooT Technologies is to generate employment. Digitalization is the secondary scope which we are trying to implement sideways with employment” adds Manzoor. They are trying to build a mobile app where people can acquire any kind of service they wish to, in just a few clicks like from movie, bus ticket booking to online shopping, from news reading to watching movies. But after conducting market studies, they found that they are nowhere compared to the national level service providers. They were compelled to divert their business plan and currently they are providing IT services and solutions. The mobile app is also being developed with some extra added features and technical up gradations. They are hopeful to launch it by next year.

At present they are getting overwhelming response from many startups of the North East as they are providing IT services at a very affordable price. They are providing digital tools to all the aspiring entrepreneurs as per their budget with high quality products. It must be noted that they recently have completed six projects within a short span of just 45 days of becoming operational. They have around eight more pipeline projects.

They have had strategic collaboration with AeonX Technologies of which Dipankar Dutta was the founder member. They developed their own Educational ERP under AeonX Technologies, which was named EduX.The main feature of EduX is to digitally store every record of an institution which include attendance, marks, students’ information, teachers’ information, library among others. One unique feature of EduX is that it enables parents to login in to the software at any point of time to keep a track of their wards’ attendance and marks. They believe that EduX can bring a revolution into the degrading educational scenario of the Northeast.



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