Dive into the World of Art with P.O.P (People. Origin. Place) by Mrinmoy Das | Exhibition

The recently organised solo exhibition of Drawings and Paintings of Mrinmoy Das “P.O.P” at Gauhati Artists Guild was a grand success which could be seen in the turnover of visitors. The exhibition was inaugurated on the 7th of May and lasted till the 11th.

About P.O.P.

People. Origin. Places submerges in the depths of originality outlined by an abstract method that circles around the clock of human origin, beliefs, customs strictly stitched to a threshold defined by boundaries, and laid in the context of the present scenario of the world not mere in oblivion. The works displayed in the exhibition presents a meaningful and definite insight to ideas revolving around ethical, political, social and religious concerns.

Here are a few snaps from the exhibition.



About the installations:

The installations titled URBAN SHADOW 1 & 2 are metaphors of society, space and human cultural amalgamation. The attempt is to portray the infrastructural space that underlines the aspect of social space including artificial edifices showing the changing society. URBAN SHADOW 1 reflects human settlement and the success of public spaces that defines the development of the human race migrating from prehistoric and rooted now in the post modern production of space. URBAN SHADOW 2 is a representation of the civilizational change including customs and lifestyles. It showcases the shared resources in which experiences and values are created providing a feel good buzz where people indulge themselves in learning awareness of diversities as well helps create local attachments that are heart of a sense of community.

About the Artist:

Mrinmoy Das is an artist from Guwahati who has been practicing in the field from last many years using various mediums. Over time, his unique style of creating artworks using thousands of coils in paper and canvas using a pen has gained him remarkable distinction among art lovers. He is also the recipient of many State and National level awards along with being a scholarship holder for ten years in the field of painting conferred by C.C.R.T. He also heads India’s first private online museum http://www.abhijna-emuseum.com/ as Project Director. Presently settled in New Delhi, Mrinmoy works as a curator in Sanskriti Museums, New Delhi. He pursued his graduation in Economics from University of Delhi and post graduation in Museology from National Museum Institute, New Delhi.



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