Dhemaji boy develops e-bike prototype | From Passion to Innovation

Well, everybody has a passion and sometimes that passion may lead to innovation. Meet Bhargav  Rajbangshi, a guy from Dhemaji, Assam who has transformed his school passion into a working  prototype.

Bhargav had a dream in high school; to develop an e-bike prototype but failed to do so due to certain barriers. Later he got inspiration from his seniors and eventually in 2017, he could see his dream come true.

With support from his parents, he gave the project a fresh start in March, 2017. It took him around four months to complete the project and make the prototype fully functional. The final result was an amazing  e-bike prototype that could deliver a maximum speed of 30 kmph.

The total cost of the Project was approximately 17000 rupees, excluding the price of the bicycle. It used two small sized batteries weighing 20 kgs, a motor and the controller.The bike can travel up to a distance of 40 kms once fully charged. Additional  features include a key system for operation. He is presently working to equip the bike with headlights and blinkers for convenience. “The total energy used for charging the bike can be as low as that used for running two ceiling fans continuously for four hours”  says Bhargav. “It is relatively a much cheaper approach” he adds.

Bhargav is currently purusing his  B.Tech in Biotechnology from Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

Team UniTreed congratulates him for his success and invite more innovations from the aspiring youth.



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