Deep Travels – The shining star of Northeastern Transport sector | Exclusive interview

Established as an independent bus fleet operator in 1997 in Dimapur, Nagaland, Deep Travels have been serving the northeastern region in the sector of Public Transport. Deep Travels was founded by then Managing Director, Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sood. The present MD is Mr. Tushar Sood, the son of Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sood. Earlier they operated under Network Travels as well as Blue Hills.

Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharjee, Senior Manager (second from right) and Mr. Tushar Sood, MD (second from left)

A rendezvous of Team UniTreed with Mr. Tushar Sood and Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharjee, Senior Manager of Deep Travels gave us various insights about Deep Travels.

The present base of Deep Travels is in Guwahati and connects Guwahati with the northeastern cities of Itanagar, Imphal, Siliguri among others. When asked about the best route, Mr. Sood said “Every route is good. If I have to select one, that would be Guwahati to Itanagar and Bihpuriya.”

Mr. Tushar Sood informed us that at present Deep Travels currently operates its fleet with a total of 32 buses. It must also be noted that Deep Travels pioneered to bring the first Veera built V6 coaches to the northeastern region of India.

Veera V6 coaches

Interiors of Veera Coach

Mr. Tushar Sood added that “Veera V7 will be launched next month. We are planning to bring that too.”

When asked about the PR (Public Relations) section of Deep Travels, he said that he himself handles public relations as well as administers the Facebook page of Deep Travels. Phone no.s of all the offices of Deep Travels are made available along with Mr. Sood’s as well as Mr. Abhijeet Bhattacharjee’s. About having a separate PR section, Mr. Sood says “We usually have three types of complaints from our passengers- time of departure and arrival, condition of seats and
food of the hotels where buses halt on their way. Drivers can handle this too but in case the drivers can’t, passengers have the option to reach us.” “If a passenger has any complaint, he can also take it to our counters. Many people just get down, reach home and start saying negative things but that won’t solve the issue. If we approaches us, we can improve our service as per their needs”, he added. There are also complaints such as windows not opening, seats have reclined more, etc but they have tried to solve each and every issue of passengers. About expansion, Mr. Sood said that there are plans to expand to upper Assam which they have been planning since a year now.

With excellent public relations, unique and great buses and dedicated staff, Deep Travels is undoubtedly the shining star of the region in public transportation. Deep Travels also plans to add more buses into its fleet soon.
Team UniTreed is proud to be associated with Deep Travels.

Visit the official Facebook page of Deep Travels here.

Bus and interior images source: Abir Bus Lover



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