Cruelty towards stray dogs increasing with increasing population | Numerous cases received by JBF

Guwahati, September 23: In 2010, JBF (Just Be Friendy), an NGO based in Guwahati, conducted a sample survey on the population of dogs in Guwahati, in an area of 10 km radius. According to study, there were 3000 stray dogs in the area under consideration and whole Guwahati had a hypothetical figure of 40000 stray dogs, which is on the rise.

However, with the increasing population of stray dogs, another thing that has been on the rise is cruelty towards these stray dogs. JBF comes across many such cases everyday and also has been trying their level best in providing rehabilitation to stray dogs.

Rescue Mission by JBF

Cases of cruelty include cases of accident, where car accident cases are the most common. However, there has also been unbelievable cases of acid attacks and attempts to murder. A dog named Ronnie was beaten by neighbours and when they saw the dog again, they attacked him with acid on. He was about to die when he was rescued by the JFB team. Recently, as many as 26 dogs were rescued while being smuggled for meat.

There have also been many incidents of dogs being abandoned when families shift to other locations. Fights between stray dogs are also one reason how they are injured and many succumb to their injuries, and need medical assistance.

“Cruelty to animal today has crossed all limits of humanity. We receive information about numerous incidents of cruelty to animals every day. Some are accident cases, other become the victim of human. I believe animals too have the right to live a healthy life in society” said Dr Sashanka Sekhar Dutta, Chief Functionary of JBF (India) Trust. “In context of stray dogs and cats, birth control surgeries and anti Rabies vaccination are the only solutions which can control the population in a humane way and Rabies too” added Dutta.



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