Cotton University student creating amazing pieces of Art with pencil leads

Anish Kr Kashyap, a student of Cotton University, who hails from  a village called Chakalia near Moranhat in Dibrugarh has been creating amazing pieces of art with pencils; pencil leads to be more precise. “It all started when I was in ninth standard. Initially, I used to carve chalk pencils. I took carving chalk pencils as a hobby. But somewhere in near future, I lost it as studies became the main priority” Anish says in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “Later in 2016, I came across a name Salvat Fidai. I was moved with his art form. He carved pencil leads, which are way too small and fragile to make structures in them. I first attempted making  mine in the beginning of 2017. It was a failure, as it was meant to be” he adds.
“I kept on practicing. I think as I had already dealt with chalk, it didn’t took me that long. I remember it was in the month of June this year, I carved my name without breaking the lead. Carving a single pencil takes me around five to six hours, sometimes even a day or two. I used paper cutter and needles initially to carve the lead. Now going to a more professional side, I use Artists’ knife. I am still on my learning phase till date” Anish says about his journey.
It must be noted that Anish is a self taught artist. He now has a page named Treasure Box where he takes orders for pencil carving. “People appreciate it, which makes all the hard work worth it”.
Check out more of his work here.



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