Cinematic shots of upcoming Assamese films that will certainly warm your hearts

Guwahati, October 08: It was just another lazy Sunday and scrolling through Facebook, going through Whatsapp chats seemed to be most interesting thing to do. However, that did pay off; in the form of forwarded messages, Whatsapp awarded me with an amazing video. A video that show amazing cinematography of upcoming Assamese films which are equally amazing. The video uses clips from the trailers and teaser of the films – Antardristi, Calendar, Chor The Bicycle, Maj Raati Keteki, Nodi Matho Boi, Priyar Priyo, Rum Vodka Whisky, Village Rockstars and Xhoixobote Dhemalite. This video alone portrays how the Assamese Film scenario has developed so much recently.

Watch the beautiful video here.

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Whoever has made the video, though unknown, we would like to convey our gratitude for compiling these amazing shots from upcoming Assamese films.



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