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Guwahati, February 22: Brahma Aadi Kori is a hymn written by Madhabdev ,disciple of Srimanta Sankardev, a 15th -16th polymath, a saint scholar, poet, playwright, social & religious reformer. The lyrics of the composition is taken from “Naam Ghosha” (a Vaishnavite scripture of verses in praise of Lord Krishna) written by Madhabdev, Borgeet (lyrical strain) of Sankardev and also from “Gunamala” (rhyming and sonorous verses) written by Sankardev. The composition of music and choreography is based on Sattriya Culture; Sattriya, a major Indian Classical Dance.

Brahma Aadi Kori explains about all the living beings including the God of creation, Brahma, that all are sleeping in a dream, surrounded by MAYA. An individual, under the influence of MAYA, forgets his/her true nature – the pure self – and takes the unreal world, a creation of MAYA as reality. That is why, it is said that “All that is seen are extended in forms, is nothing but an illusion, and as such all of it should be rooted out from the mind“.

A team of young, talented and enthusiastic individuals recently created an amazing video on this concept, which has beautifully captured the essence of MAYA and Beauty in it. “The idea of making this video is to promote our culture through creativity up to the taste of the new generation. Being Sattriya dancers, we have seen how our generation is lagging behind to explore its potentiality. An idea was always there to do something new, unique, and creative. I wanted to execute my imagination which comes through the tune of Borgeet, lyrics of Naam Ghosha and rhythm of Gunamala” says Director Partha Pratim Hazarika in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed. “I always feel an attachment between Sattriya dance and Nature. The metaphors used to describe Lord Krishna in the text of Sattriya literature mesmerises me. Those metaphors are mostly taken from nature. I wanted to give a visual experience of those beautiful metaphors parallelly with the text. I wanted to create a new form of aesthetic, composing natural elements and the movements of Sattriya together” he adds.

It must be noted that this is the team’s first production and they are hoping for more to come.

Watch the video here.

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