Aru Kunu Nari Gandhari Nohoba | A poetic visual treat

Guwahati, June 18: One of the bloodiest wars in the history – Kurukshetra – happened because Gandhari chose to keep her eyes shut while her children’s conscience died sans a strong upbringing.

A mother’s upbringing is the foundation of a child’s future. A poem Aru Kunu Nari Gandhari Nohoba, recited and penned by Rita Bhuyan Barooah has urged the woman of today not be like Gandhari; to not turn a blind eye to what one’s child does, to pay acute attention to one’s child’s every little thing lest he grows up to be a demon, to not let another Kurukshetra happen.

Panchoi Production has created an amazing Experimental Poetic Video of the same which is no less than a visual treat, but with a message.

Watch the video here.

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