Architectural Writing Competition, promoting North East | A Finderbridge initiative

The Northeastern part of India is naturally and culturally rich with lots of destinations that are not yet documented. The “Discovery of Expression” is an event that is introduced by the Finderbridge team to develop the architectural importance of the Northeastern part of India.

Finderbridge is committed to hold an architectural writing competition in the Northeastern part of India which is being commenced from 14th of August 2017.

Winners of this competition shall get chance to work with professionals based on their own idea for documentation in real projects of Finderbridge Tourism Pvt. Ltd in upcoming time.

There is no registration fee for the competition and undergraduate/postgraduate students from any branch can participate (suitable for students from branches like history, anthropology, archaeology, human sciences, environmental and social sciences, sociology, photography, cinematography, art, design etc.).

An upcoming official session regarding this vision is also being planned by Finderbridge in National Association of Students of Architecture, India’s Convention.

It must also be mentioned that the competition has an encouraging team of judges who are working in these sectors and former winners of international competitions of this kind.

The team of Judges includes:

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