Architect from Dhaka creating relatable 21st Century pieces of Art

Guwahati, January 02: How many of you have gone through the Facebook page “Tirtho” by Bangladeshi Artist Reesham Shahab Tirtho.

With around 30,000 followers, the page provides the viewers amazing and relatable Art depicting the 21st Century.

Happy New Year?

The page is run and the amazing pieces of Art are created by Reesham Shahab Tirtho, who is a practicing architect and a self taught artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After graduation from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in 2010, he started his own practice in 2015. Apart from architecture, Tirtho is an active artist and cartoonist. Featured in different print and online media, the spectrum of his artwork extends from political, social, environmental issues to architecture and personal life.

Let Peace Prevail

His early works, deeply inspired by the surreal works of Salvador Dali and Jean Giraud as well as miniature Persian and Mughal Paintings, depict surreal landscapes, peering into the uncharted depths of the mind, searching for duality, contradiction and conflict. They are the reflections of our horrid nightmare, deepest agony, strongest rage, unbearable trauma and despair.


Inspired by Artists like Satyajit Ray, Asaf Hanuka, Federico Babina, Pascal Campion, Kim Jung Gi, his later drawings and illustrations show the multidimensional aspects of life as an architect as well as the simplest pleasures and pains of being an ordinary person. Many of the works are very personal, depicting daily activities with his wife like cooking, watching films, spending leisure times or working late at night. Tirtho tries to celebrate life through cherishing and capturing the essence of the simple moments, joys and pleasures of everyday life.

Life as It is (Moon Gazing)

His satirical cartoons mock the social and political discrepancies and corruption addressing issues like communal violence, war, terrorism, industrialization disregarding environmental issues, violation of human rights and so on. He had been an active protester against the government proposal of Rampal coal power plant which is destroying Sunderbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world.

It must be noted that Reesham Shahab Tirtho is also a faculty in a well known University in Dhaka.

Here are a few more samples of his work.

Life as It is (Kolkata Rain)


A tribute to Fidel Castro

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Check out more of his amazing works here.



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