An Assamese YouTuber’s dream to have a national level channel from Assam

“There is not a single national based YouTube Channel from Assam. That’s what made me create a channel and that’s when I founded Social Being to make it a national based channel” says Founder Raj Dutta. “Basically, I am an actor but before opening this channel I had to learn many things like editing, cinematography, lighting, direction and I’m glad I did which had evolved the filmmaker in me. To become a national level channel, I cannot compromise with the quality of the videos. I never compromise but this advantage became a disadvantage when I came to know that people are thinking this channel to be from outside Assam. I want support from my own people as I alone cannot make this channel a national one” he adds.

The chanel started with seven members, however, they left one by one with the team having the new four members- Raj Dutta (Director, Editor, Content Writer), Kunal Bharati (Cinematographer), Gopal Ghosh (Production Manager) and Tanmoy Sengupta (Poster and Thumbnail designer). “I have sacrificed many things in life in order to keep this channel alive. The genre of our channel is comedy but it includes our blood and sweat as it is very difficult to create a video each week with such a small team” says Raj.

It must be noted that a recent video of their garnered 1.2 million views on Facebook. They have more than 45,000 total views on their YouTube Channel, which is more than 2.6 million for their Facebook page.

Visit their YouTube Channel here to enjoy the videos.

PS. Look for the plot twist in Love at First Sight.



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