A Bongaigaon man and his mission to plant trees | The story of Buddheswar Ray

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

– Native American Proverd

At a time when deforestation and other environmental issues have become a matter of serious concern, a man has single handedly embarked on a green revolution. The sole motive of his life is to plant trees and keep the world green and better for our future generation. Buddheswar Ray, a resident of Tulungiya of Bongaigaon district has dedicated his life planting trees. Ray, who is a passionate nature lover, initiated his mission in 2001 when he was a college student.

Despite belonging to a poor family, he bought saplings and started planting at public places. The public began to call him insane but such pessimistic attitude could not demoralise him. He has been planting tress across NH 31 ( within a range of more than 10 km) at various public places in Bongaigaon district, which includes a number of educational institutes. Over these years, Buddheswar Ray who is a lower primary teacher by profession has planted more than 15,000 saplings. The success of Ray is that most of these saplings have turned into big trees which bears the testimony of dedication and love he has for mother nature. The devoted nature lover believes that the responsibility doesn’t end in just planting a sapling; we must be careful in bringing it up. And hence, Ray spends his hard earned money not only in planting trees, but also taking special care of bringing them up.


Buddheswar Ray

Interestingly, Buddheswar Ray began his conjugal life too, recently, by planting trees. Most of the attendees of his wedding ceremony wished him a happy married life by presenting saplings. Besides his earnest love for nature, Ray is an avid reader too. With Ray’s single effort, a library named Manab Vikash Puthibharal was established at his village. He was also felicitated by the North Salmara sub divisional administration, but his proper recognition and honour is still due.

Ray, who doesn’t pay heed to other things except plantation, pledges to continue his green mission till his last breath.



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