A 500 year old Jackfruit tree at Jamugurihat which bears more fruit towards the roots

By Rakesh Borah

Jamugurihat, March 10: A 500 year old Jackfruit tree at a village Naamghor in Jamugurihat has been bearing fruits in a unique way. The tree bears more fruit below, towards the roots. It is not unusual for a jackfruit tree to bear fruits towards the roots but this tree bears maximum, which would be more than 80 percent, fruits towards the roots.

The tree is situated at the Kalia Gosai Than at Salaguri village in Jamugurihat. It must also be noted that the tree has also brought financial help to the local people of the region.

The locals sell the fruits born by the tree and the amount of money collected from the sale is sanctioned for infrastructure development work of the Kolia Gosai Than. Last year, a mini truck full of jackfruits was sold.

Kalia Gosai Than

 It may also be mentioned that the leaves and branches of the tree are left untouched by the people and have never been cut. There’s a belief in the village that if somebody cuts the branches, one experiences strange dreams. A local also recollected an incident where one individual had tried to cut the leaves to feed the cattle; however, the sickle which he was using detached from the bamboo he had fixed it to for cutting leaves at the top of the tree and fell on him, injuring the person.



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