16 things only a Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya student can relate to

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, popularly known as JNV, is one of the most prominent boarding schools where almost everything is free for students. Almost all the states of India have one JNV in each district except for a few states. Here students are admitted after cracking the JNVST (entrance) test.
JNV provides education from class VI till class XII; there is also provision for students to get admitted from class IX and XI. Science, Commerce and Humanities, all streams are taught in JNV.
Yes, we have lots of memories from our very own JNV which we can never forget. Each and every moment we had spent in JNV is no less than magic. Here are 16 things we JNVians can relate to –

1. Morning P.E.T
Yes we started our JNV days with morning P.E.T. One of the most difficult tasks was to wake up early in the moring. Though it was regular up to class VIII, after class IX we hardly used to attend it. We all remember the lame excuses we made, don’t we?

2. Academic Block
Where all academic works are done. Where we attend all the classes. A place close to our heart forever.

3. Morning Assembly
When we prayed to our almighty and pledge to respect our nation, brother and sisters and love animals. When we were sometimes late for morning assembly, we simply went to the sick room. There was also an evening assembly.

4. Dinning hall
From breakfast to lunch to Dinner, both veg and non-veg items are served. Some of us always used to take double of what was served. Oh! Those days.

5. Bathroom items (toilet items / Daily use items)
We don’t need to buy any items. Yes! From bathing soaps to washing bars, colgate, tooth brush to hair oil, we do not need to buy anything.

6. Amazing Teachers
We used to have very good relations with our teachers, our second guardians. They taught us every aspect of life.

7. Evening Games
The various sports we used to play- football, cricket, basketball, hand ball and kho-kho among others. This helped us to maintain good physical health.

8. Library
This place was an access to all the books we coould think of. Textbooks, refreshers, magazines, novels,etc. Everything is available.

9. The Cleaning Campus drive
Though there was no Swachh Bharat Abhiyan back then, we still used to clean our campus on our own.

10. Cultural programme
I bet this is the most amazing time during our stay at JNV. From freshers to farewell, these occasions have given memories to cherish forever.

11. Cluster, Regional and National Meet
Students who excel in their respective sport get an opportunity to represent their school in the cluster, regional and national level.

12. Cooking and Jugaad
Yes! We used to cook various dishes in our steel plate including omelette to meat, fried rice, maggi etc. For this, old copies and sometimes wood sticks were as fuel.

13. TV/DVD Show
This varies from school to school. Some schools allow regular TV shows whereas some allocate a day(generally Sunday) to watch various programmes. Some schools also allow whole night DVD/CD show usually at Saturday night.

14. Plate rotating
If you don’t know about plate rotating, then you should be ashemed to call yourself a Navodayan. But it is true that almost all Navodayans can rotate their plate (aka disc).

15. Hostels
Heaven for all novodayans. We have four houses- Aravali, Shivalik, Nilgiri, Udaigiri. We also know how to clean our hostel during inspection day.

16. Migration
Generally migration is in class IX, where we get an opportunity to go and study in a different JNV, in another state. Mini migration is also available in case if the JNV one is studying in does not have the discipline one wants to study.

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