Sivasagar gears up for upcoming Maha Shivaratri Mela 2018

By Sushmita Dey

Sivasagar, January 22: Sivasagar is one of the most famous historical places of the Assam. Being the land of Lord Shiva, every year in Shiva Chaturdashi, in the month of Fagun, Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with pomp and gaiety by all. Devotees from all over the country participate in this auspicious celebration; many small business enterprises and fairs throng during this occasion.

The Muktinath Shiva Dol (temple), which is situated in the bank of the Borpukhuri, was constructed by Queen Ambika and is the highest of all temples in Assam. The Shiva Dol is 180 feet tall and 195 feet in diameter with a 10.5 feet high Golden Dome called “Kolosi” on the top. The sculpture on the walls of the Dol, with different gods and goddesses, is undoubtedly eye catching.

There is a myth concerning the building of the Dol; according to the myth, Borroja Phuleswari appeared in her sister Ambika’s dream and asked her to dig a tank and construct a Shiva temple with Shiva linga for the welfare of her husband and to name the Dol in the name of Lord Shiva. Accordingly, Queen Ambika constructed the tallest Shiva temple and dedicated it to Lord Shiva.

Shivaratri Festival is organised every year to worship Lord Shiva, as well as to promote the rich heritage and culture of Sivasagar. Lakhs of devotees including sadhus across India gather at the Dol campus to celebrate the worship of Lord Shiva, the destroyer of evil and the transformer.

Dikhow Bridge lightened up for the festival (Photo by Towhid Momin)

This year, to make this event more attractive, Shivaratri shall be celebrated in a larger way involving artists from within and outside the country and for the same, the International Shiva Festival 2018 has been organised from February 13-15. Renowned artists from the USA and Japan have already been invited to participate in the event and perform Indian classical numbers during the three day festival. Moreover performers from other parts of the country, and artists from different parts of the state will also become a part of this grand event.

Watch the promotional video of International Shiva Festival here.

So, See you there!




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