Samahar Natya Gosthee to stage Biplovee Vivekananda on World Theatre Day

Guwahati, March 25: On the occasion of the World Theatre Day, Samahar Natya Gosthee has planned to stage its widely appreciated play ‘Biplovee Vivekananda’ on March 27, 2018 in Guwahati.

Written and directed by eminent theatre personality Dr Sitanath Lahkar, the drama will be performed at the District Library Auditorium at 6:45 pm. It has been decided that the evening will be dedicated in memory of Manabendra Bhattacharyya and all the collections from the show will be handed over to his family.

Samahar’s active member and Dainik Asom’s senior journalist Manabendra Bhattacharyya lost his life in a tragic incident on January 19, 2018 at an early age. He was also  a fine actor and was involved in almost 50 productions of the group, both stage and street, across the state. As a film actor, he enacted a prominent character in the recently released Assamese feature film ‘Aei Maatite’. Manabendra was also a very good writer and has a number of books to his credit.

Commenting on the show, Samahar President Lalit Sarma said “Manabendra’s demise is an irreparable loss to the group. In this hour of grief, we just want to stand by his bereaved family. That is why we have decided to hold this fund raising show for the family. We request all to please come forward and help us in our effort.”

‘Biplovee Vivekananda’ is based on the ideology and philosophy of the great saint. The play, which has used Vivekananda’s exact quotes, is an attempt to showcase the humanist in its true spirit. It is an endeavour against the desperation of some sections to project Vivekananda as a fundamental Hindu religious guru.

Samahar Natya Gosthee:

Samahar Natya Gosthee is a well-known amateur drama group of Assam. It has made a colourful journey in the theatre world not only of Assam, but also of Tripura, West Bengal, Goa and Delhi. It has around 500 well applauded productions in various media like street and proscenium theatre, radio and TV to its credit during the last 34 years.



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