Northeast Society of Miranda House gets ready for LEIRANG 2018

Delhi, March 12: At the dawn of its inception, the Northeast Society of Miranda House was an infant society with little to no history. The society is one of the youngest to garner recognition among the many other decades-old societies in the college. The society embarked on its journey in 2016 and thus began the legacy of a vibrant and inclusive collective. Since then, it has been organising series of informative talks and other cultural events which endeavour to explore and understand the diverse aspects of Northeast India. The society thereby facilitates an environment for students of other regions of the country to garner information about the various traditions and lifestyle of the northeastern parts of the country.

Like previous years, the society is all set for its annual fest ‘LEIRANG‘ that shall commence on March 27.


LEIRANG is the annual fest of the Northeast society of Miranda House. It is the event which is most looked forward-to, not only by the students of northeast India, but the entire college. What makes LEIRANG so unique is its harmonious blend of culture and education.

Going further from the usual milieu of cultural programmes accompanied by various exquisite dishes endemic to the northeast states, LEIRANG has the fortune of having an esteemed scholar as the Guest of Honour for this year. This shifts the agenda of the fest from being a mere show of talents to being a discursive event imparting knowledge about the current situations in the states.

The aim of the organisers of the event is for its audience to leave with an enhanced understanding and awareness of the cultures, traditions and customs of the people from these states, than when they came.

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