Manas Spring Festival kick starts today

Guwahati, April 07: The two-day Manas Spring festival began today at Manas National Park, Assam, for visitors.

Attractions of the festival include camping, rafting, safari, local food and music, cultural sessions with celebrities and village tours among others.

The event is being organised by Swankar Mithinga Onsai Afat, an association of reformed poachers presently involved in wildlife conservation and preservation and Indian Weavers’ Alliance and is being supported by various other government, non-government and private organisations.

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Joi Barua, who is also a guest of honour in the event, shall perform on Saturday night.

The organisers are expecting over 300 visitors in the two-day event. The event aims to promote local culture of the region in a bid to increase tourism and provide alternative means of livelihood to the people, the organisers said.



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