GATE Hospital to conduct LFT for scribes at Guwahati Press Club

Guwahati, May 14:  The newly launched GATE Hospital will conduct a Liver Function Test (LFT) for the member journalists of the Guwahati Press Club on Tuesday (May 15, 2018).

The health workers of GATE hospital will be available for collection of blood samples from scribes between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm at the press club premises.

According to the physicians, the LFT comprises various blood tests to assess the state of liver and biliary system. The live cells contain enzymes that are responsible for carrying out the chemical reactions for digestion. When liver cells are damaged, the enzymes leak out into the blood and that can be analyzed by the LFT, which is one of the most commonly used blood screenings.

Glimpse from previously held OPD clinic

The WHO estimates that a huge number of individuals across the globe suffer from various liver diseases. It also adds that over  35 crore people are chronically affected by the Hepatitis B infection.

It may be noted that Assam’s well known Dispur Hospital recently conducted a Hepatitis B vaccination camp for the press club members, where around 250 scribes participated.

The  local press club has been running a weekly OPD clinic for the benefit of journalists for nearly  two years now. Till date, the initiative has been supported by Down Town Hospitals, GNRC Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals (Guwahati and Chennai campus), SIMS Chennai Hospital, Medanta the Medicity Hospital (Gurgaon), Manipal Hospital (Bangalore), Fortis Bangalore Hospital, Health City Hospital, Ayursundra Hospital, Nemcare Hospital, Wintrobe Hospital, Barthakur Clinic, Sun Valley Hospital, Rahman Hospital and Sight First eye-clinic among others.

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