Connect with Nature in The Great NorthEastern Run | From Deepor Beel to Chandubi Lake

Guwahati, January 07: We all love Nature and want to be amidst it, don’t we? Living in a concrete city, Guwahati, it is quite difficult to fulfill these wishes even though the vicinity of our city is covered with greenery. One may take into consideration the beautiful Deepor Beel, Chandubi, Pamohi among other places. Have you not ever thought of spending hours in the lap of the greenery of these beautiful places? Have you never thought of walking or running through these amazing places? We all have! But we have all kept the idea aside either due to lack of time or issues of implementing the same alone. But one does not have to worry anymore. The same can now be a reality. Yes! The Great NorthEastern Run has brought you the opportunity to cover a distance of 42.195 kms through greenery and scenic beauty from Deepor Beel to Chandubi Lake.

The run has been organised on February 25, 2018 and has two categories:

  • Full Marathon – 42.195 Kms (Starting point: Deepor Beel)
  • Half Marathon – 21.097 Kms (Starting point: Forest Gate)

End Point for both is Chandubi Lake. (Prize money for the run shall be announced soon)

In the run one shall cross:

  • Deepor Beel (The only Ramsar Site of Assam)
  • Rani Reserve Forest
  • Tea Gardens
  • Beautiful rural settings of Assam
  • Beautiful highway amidst greenery on its sides

Register yourself for the run here.

Check out the event on Facebook here.

Registration fee for the run includes transportation  by Bus to starting venues along with return to Guwahati from Chandubi Lake . Pick up as well as drop off point for bus transportation is Khanapara Field. Participants can also bring their own vehicle as per their own convenience.

Runners shall also be provided with Time Chip, Finisher Medal, T-shirt, Certificates, Nutrition Bar, Energy Drink, Goodie Bag, Breakfast along with Medical Support.

About The Great NorthEastern Run:

The Great NorthEastern Run was formed with an aim to explore and bring together runners of Northeast India for one common purpose – Running. The organisers have envisioned establishing sustainable community focussed running events, encouraging citizens of all levels to lead a healthy lifestyle and further their personal fitness through running.

Here are glimpses of the running events organised by the Team in the year 2017.

Come and be a part of this amazing journey.

Join us in The Great NorthEastern Run!



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