Come experience the Pangsau Pass International Festival 2018

By Deepak Biswakarma

With an intention to transcend geographical frontiers, the 2018 edition of Pangsau Pass International Festival is being organised every year in Arunachal Pradesh to project and promote the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The venue of the event, Nampong (in Changlang district) is small hilly town along the Indo-Myanmar border and Namchik basin covered with greenery. It must be noted that Nampong is designated as a global village as it conjoins the diverse tribes of the Northeast India and of Myanmar. The cultural carnival has cut across social barriers, inspiring the secluded regions to celebrate the ethnic existences that strongly bond all tribes.

Glimpse from last year’s edition

The festival is also a paradise for photographers, along with being a cultural hotspot. Did we forget to mention about the diverse Flora and Fauna? We all know Arunachal Pradesh, don’t we?

The festival provides not only folk songs, dances, ethnic food and traditional sports but also expedition of a lifetime to experience Burmese culture and a visit into their territory.

Glimpse of last year’s edition

This year, come and experience the amazing festiva between January 20 to January 22. Be a part of the cultural extravaganza.

Organisers of the event are making constant effort to get Inner Line Permit (ILP) in easier and convenient ways. An instant counter has been set up at Jagun, for visitors to obtain ILP in advance.

Visitors can also apply online here.

Photo courtesy: Chow Washina Manchey



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