Arunachal | 34th Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi to kickstart this February

By Deepak Biswakarma

Itanagar, January 31: Shapawng Yawng Manau Poi, the annual festival of Singpho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, is all set to kickstart on February 12. This is the 34th edition of the festival and shall end on February 15. Venue of the event is Namsai.

The Shapawng Yawng festival is the most important dance festival of the Singpho (Jinghpaw) community. Also known as Manau Poi, it is the national festival of the Kachins, a term for Singphos residing in Myanmar.

The festival is usually celebrated from February 12-15, though February 14 is often a common day of celebration. The festival is primarily organised to show the varied and rich culture, customs and exotic flora and fauna of the state, along with preserving, protecting and promoting the age old cultural heritage of the tribe.

Manau Poi Tradition and Events:

  • The festival opens with setting up of Manau Shadungs which are multi-coloured painted Totem Posts erected especially for the occasion.
  • While the posts are erected, Gidhing Gumdin Manau, the Dance of Unity is performed to proclaim praise, unity and prosperity.
  • The Singphos prepare local cuisines, ethnic handlooms and display them on the venue.
  • Exhibition stalls are set up where community household items are displayed, along with performance of folk songs.

It must be noted that CM, MLAs, peoples from other states and countries attend the festival.

Last year, the festival was held in Bordumsa.

So, see you this year at Namsai!



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