Teaser of Rajnikant’s upcoming ‘Kaala’ released | Trending #1 on YouTube

Guwahati, March 02: The stardom of Rajni Sir (Rajnikant) does not need any introduction. The fact that people worship him in temples and have temples dedicated solely to this star is enough to give an estimation of his stronghold in the South as well as the whole of the nation.

People go crazy while rushing to the theatres to watch films of Rajni Sir. His unique style, unique super hero style to be more precise, attracts audience irrespective of the age. Also, his fan following is something which no other star has enjoyed so far, and maybe will not ever.

An estimation of his fan following can be made from the views the teaser of his upcoming film “Kaala” has garnered on YouTube till this article was published.

The teaser of Kaala was published on YouTube yesterday and has garnered 68,57,811 till now (March 02; 06:17 pm). It must be noted the the teaser is #1 trending on YouTube today.

Watch the teaser here.

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