Nijanor Gaan | Another promising Assamese film

Guwahati, December 18: Trailer of upcoming Assamese film “Nijanor Gaan” was released yesterday and yes, it does promise to entertain the audience. From the trailer, the movie seems to be a fast paced one.

Nijanor Gaan is directed by Munna Ahmed and the story/script is written by Munin Baruah. Jatin Bora plays the lead in the film and from the trailer, we, at Team UniTreed, somehow could relate the role to that of Ranbir Kapoor’s in the film “Rockstar”, though to a limited extent.

Cinematography and editing runs smooth in the trailer, whereas the music compliments well the fast pace of sequences.

The movie is all set to release on February 02, 2018.

Watch the official trailer of the movie here.

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