Movie adaptation of Sahitya Akademi Awardee Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi’s “Mishing” to be out soon

Guwahati, March 29: The shooting for “Mishing”, a Sherdukpan movie, statrted on February 03 in Arunachal Pradesh and is now in the post production stage. It must be noted that the film is based on the novel written by Sahitya Akademi Awardee Yeshe Dorjee Thongchi.

The film is directed by Bobby Sarma Baruah, of Sonar Baran Pakhi fame and produced by Sulakhyana Baruah, co-produced by Basanta Kumar Baruah and Bobby Sarma Baruah.

A working still from Mishing


Set in the lush locales of Rupa region of Arunachal Pradesh, the film opens as Togbe Mahajan meets driver Radha Binode Singh after buying a second hand vehicle in Assam. As he returns to Arunachal Pradesh Togbe Mahajan learns that the driver is a deserter from the Indian Army.

The mahajan arranges a set of fresh identity papers for the driver who stays on and becomes an extended member of the family. Driver Singh also develops a relationship with Sherdukpan widow Maya. He has a brush with the Sherdukpan concept of Mishing, the spirit of dying people that appears before their near and dear ones and one day, seeing himself dead behind the wheels of his own car, flees for good.

The rest? Well, you have to wait for the movie to release!

“My intend on making this movie is to showcase and preserve the exotic Sherdukpan tribe of Arunachal Pradesh which has an estimated population of only 5000 people. These people cling on to their folk beliefs and my goal is to do full justice to the traditional folk belief of MISHING the soul that they possess very close to their hearts” says director Bobby Sarma Baruah. “I believe that through my movie, people will get to experience the surreal beauty of Arunachal Pradesh along with this unique belief that the people of this part of the state still hold so strongly. I am sure as the story of Mishing unfolds, viewers will be chilled to their bones” she adds.



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