Mission China Review | A film lover’s take

By- Adnan Ashraf

Zubeen has released his much hyped and most awaited big budget Assamese film Mission China today. Produced by Garima Saikia Garg under the banner of “i Creation Productions”, the film features Zubeen Garg and Deeplina Deka in Lead role and Sattyakee D’com Bhuyan, Siddhartha Nipon Goswami, Tridib Lahon, Yankee Parashar, Pabitra Rabha, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, Nabadweep Borgohain, Ragini Parashar and Bhashwati Bharati in Supporting roles.

Before discussing much about the film, I want to state what has differentiated the film from other Assamese language films? First of all, in general we see that Assamese films are very slow in nature. Their presentation, story unfolding and dialogue-delivery seem to be very lazy in character; but Mission China is completely opposite to that. Though the story has a flat engagement with the audience, scenes and sequences of Mission China flows quite smoothly. Beside this, the film is technically very strong; be it in capturing different frames on the camera or in sound design, the film has done what Assamese films lacked till date. It has also some realistic acting, which we do not get to watch in many Assamese films.

On the other hand, the film has every component of a competitive commercial film from fight scenes to romance with songs, 2-3 punch lines, beautiful locations and flash-backs. But it has failed to deliver a story that could be remembered and discussed for long. Since story is the basic of any films, Mission China has failed to take round its primary concern. The story has failed to deliver any message and also lacked one prime element of action-drama films that is suspense or twist.
We have seen many other films with simple stories which have succeeded in touching our hearts as they were well directed. Zubeen could have done more justice to the story with his excellent skills of direction, but he disappointed as the director of the film. It was also irritating to watch a colonel with ear-rings dangling from both of his ears and Zubeen was least fit for the character. In acting, Tridip Lahon, with his humour, shines above all the other actors. It seemed that the new comers Deeplina, Siddharth and others have delivered what their directors wanted with full enthusiasm and special mention to Pabitra Rabha, who gave his best in his small role.
The music and lyrics of the film have already touched the hearts of millions. The background score also did justice to the film. It is also worth mentioning that the mixing and designing of the film were superb along with the cinematography. The DoP team deserves a nod. In case of editing, Protim Khaound has cut some first-rate shots without letting you scratch your heads with the flat story line-ups.
At last, we want to say that Mission China is a highly commercial Assamese film, which has failed to deliver any message and definitely not worth than a one-time watch.



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