Kids, Men, Legends for one last time

The kids, men, legends memes ruled the social media space the last few days. We have loved them, we have hated them but we could never ignore them. And though now we are fed up of them, here is a compilation of 8 memes – one last ride.

  1. Happy not being a legend
Idea: UniTreed


2. Taamul paan is life

Idea: UniTreed


3. The local energy drink

Idea: UniTreed


4. Ae khaali gaari

Idea: Teenagers of Assam


5. Ae mojjaaaaaa

Idea: UniTreed


6. Desi dil se


7. Naam tumhara kya naa jaanu main

Idea: UniTreed


8. Fultoo jugaad

Idea: Sarcasm Society of Assam


Now Ultra Legends Must share this post for one last time 😂.

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