Exclusive interview with Boloram Das, the lead actor of “Beautiful Lives” | Movie releasing on Feb 17

Beautiful Lives, an upcoming Assamese film by Kernel film Production which has already made an official entry into the 22nd Kolkata International Film Fest is all set to release on the 17th of February, 2017. The film is written, produced and directed by Kangkan Deka and the cast includes Boloram Das, Pakiza Begum, Ashrumoni Borah and Juri Dutta in leads. The story is based on the 2008 serial blasts of Guwahati. The music release was held at Metropolis Guwahati on January 7, 2017.

In a recent interview with Boloram Das, the actor playing the lead role in the movie, we could get the following insights-

UniTreed: It’s your debut film. What were your expectations before the shoot and what are they now before its release?

Boloram Das: Well, it’s not my debut film. It’s my second film actually, Antareen being the first. But since Beautiful Lives will be released before so for documentation purposes, this is my first film.

When I read the script, I was very excited. As an actor, you know you always love challenges and I found this role challenging. I was excited to work with Kangkan (the director) who is a friend. We graduated together and I was very keen to see his side as a director. And yes, I am excited for its release because the product altogether is a very different one

UniTreed: More than five years for a movie to be made on the serial blasts, what do you think is the reason behind this? We see such movies made on real life incidents elsewhere but it’s very rare in Assam.

Boloram Das: See,the issue is very sensitive. A film with bomb blast as the subject matter has various other issues embedded in it such as the angle of storytelling , budget too comes to the picture, effects. It would have taken the same time elsewhere too. Even thinking of making a film on this subject matter is a big thing. Kangkan has written the script in such a way that the story starts with the bomb blast but is based on the consequences of the  blast, sufferings of the victims. Making a film needs a lot of research which needs time. A good product is all that matters, no matter how long it takes.

UniTreed: What do you think makes the movie stand apart?

Boloram Das: Script. I believe this is the first of its kind script in this genre. Secondly, the director’s way of presenting it. He has his own unique style. And thirdly, the technical team has been assembles from various sections of the industry to give a perfect product. We, as actors, have tried our level best to do justice to the roles we got.

UniTreed: Whom would you give maximum credit for the creation of this film?

Boloram Das: My friend, my director, my scriptwriter the one-man army Kangkan Deka. It’s his thought, his innovation, creation and presentation. We are just ingredients of the dish he has prepared.

UniTreed: Memorable incident during the shoot?

Boloram Das: There are lots of memories, which one do I tell now. I remember shooting till 2-3 am. I can never forget the birthday celebrations. We cut about eight to 10 cakes (laughs). Imagine three hours for doing make-up and the more than an hour to remove that make-up.

UniTreed: Where do you see the Assamese Film Industry in five years? Also where do you see yourself?

Boloram Das: I am very optimistic about my film industry, the Assamese Film Industry. Lot of people like Kangkan, Monjul Daa (of Antareen), Bhaskar Daa (of Kothanodi), Dhruva J Bordoloi (of Dooronir Nirola Poja), Ratan Daa  has come up with great concepts for the Assamese audience. There are always ups and downs and I believe this is the time of up for our industry, looking at the response from the audience for the last three four films. Even in the two films I have done, I have felt positive vibes everywhere, in terms of content and quality. I am hopeful of more such films and also that I will be a part of those movies. I stay in Mumbai but my heart and soul belongs to the Assamese Film Industry and Assam.

Watch the trailer here

Team UniTreed wishes the team of Beautiful Lives all the success.



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