Birubala Rabha, Assam’s crusader against witch hunting, bats for “Aei Maatite”

Guwahati, September 22: Assam’s crusader against witch hunting menace Birubala Rabha has lauded the upcoming Assamese feature film Aei Maatite, saying it depicts the true picture of the unfortunate incidents that are taking place in Assam. After a Special Screening organised exclusively for her and Mission Birubala, she praised the makers and opined that the film should be widely viewed, especially by those people who are under the grip of this deadly menace.

“The battle that many like me are fighting in their lives against superstition, Dr. Lahkar Sir has shown that in the film and I really liked it. We need more such films, dramas, street plays. These kinds of media support the fight that Mission Birubala is continuing for years,” Rabha said after watching the film.

“The film has exactly shown the incidents that are taking place in our society in the name of witch hunting. I really liked the scene where a couple was fed with human and vulture excreta. This is what is happening in reality. We must show the film in those areas where incidents of witch hunting are happening. We should take government help in that direction,” Rabha added.

 The Special Screening was organised at Birubala Rabha’s home at Thakurbila, a remote village about 20 kilometres away from Agia in Goalpara district. Along with her, Mission Birubala’s President Usha Rabha and a few other members of the organisation also watched the film.

During the making of Aei Maatite, Birubala Rabha had helped Dr Lahkar in his research work. Some of the scenes in the films are inspired by real incidents faced by her.

Expressing satisfaction, Mission Birubala’s President Usha Rabha said “The film has shown some real incidents. It has brought tears to my eyes that how people are still under the grip of superstition. The film is a very good step in creating awareness and people of Assam should watch it.”

Expressing happiness, Dr Lahkar said “It gives me immense satisfaction that the iron lady Birubala Rabha and her co-fighters loved the film. Their overwhelming and spontaneous reactions have boosted my and the team’s moral strength. The appreciation to the authenticity of the scenes in the film is a testimony to our honesty. We now have confidence that people of Assam will surely love Aei Maatite.”

Aei Maatite is releasing on 6th October 2017 in all major cinemas across Assam and some important places in other North Eastern states.



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