AASU, ABSU, SFI leaders appeal people of Assam to watch ‘Aei Maatite’

Guwahati, October 03: Extending support towards the film, leaders from AASU, ABSU and SFI today appealed to the people of Assam to join hands against deadly witch hunting menace and come out in large numbers to watch the Assamese film Aei Maatite on October 06. Directed by independent filmmaker and eminent theatre personality Dr Sitanath Lahkar, Aei Maatite is the first Assamese full-length feature film on the burning problem of witch hunting. The movie shall be released across the state this Friday.

It must be noted that Aei Maatite is also the first film of All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) General Secretary Lurinjyoti Gogoi, All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) President Pramod Boro, Students’ Federation of India (SFI) General Secretary (Assam Unit) Nirangkush Nath and Satra Mukti Sangram Samiti (SMSS) President Bittu Sonowal, as actors.

“I have acted in Aei Maatite and it is my first film. It is made on a very important subject. This film has played a very crucial role in showing the way to get rid of serious social evils like witch hunting, which is based on superstition and is affecting tribal and backward communities. We appeal to the people of Assam to watch the film and consider it as our collective social responsibility to stop and eliminate witch hunting menace from the state” Lurinjyoti Gogoi said. He further said that the film has created an atmosphere to initiate a struggle. “We hope that this film will leave an impact on every segment of the Assamese society, including students, youth and others across villages and towns” he added.

Expressing his views on the film, Pramod Boro said “I liked the film. Even today, witch hunting incidents are taking place and it is not only in tribal or adivasi areas but in other places also. People are killed so brutally that it leaves an impact on the entire society or region. That is why the film has importance in today’s time. That is why I want people to watch it.”

Nirangkush said “Assam’s first anti-witch hunting film Aei Maatite will be released on October 06. I have acted for the first time and I really enjoyed doing so. Directed by Sitanath Lahkar Sir, itis not only a film; it is a social movement against superstition and witch hunting. Let us go together to watch the film. We should all come forward to take this initiative against witch hunting menace further.”

The student leaders also lauded the film from technical point of view and hoped that movie lovers will enjoy watching it.



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