Car Center | Catering used automobiles in Guwahati with quality assurance

Guwahati, January 03: Car center, founded in 2017, caters used automobiles to customers in Guwahati, as an “Online Broker”. “The aim is to achieve a large scale business ground for automobiles of any sort, be commercial or private” says founder Bangkeem in a rendezvous with Team UniTreed.

At present, through the Facebook page along with other social media, the team is aiming to gain popularity and create contacts with less investment, Car Center being a startup.

“The process is pretty simple. A seller quotes a price and then, the quoted price is added with a processing fee (commission) by Car Center. After the sale takes place, the seller gets his¬†amount and we receive our fee” says Bangkeem.

It must be noted that it has been three to four months since the inception of Car Center and by now, six vehicles have already been sold out. “We assure quality to customers and they are happy” says Bangkeem proudly.

Bangkeem’s father also own a garage in Guwahati and as such, he is also¬†interested in Customised Exterior Modifications of vehicles, including paint job. “After completing my degree, I also have an aim of doing various modifications, both exterior and interior” he adds.

Visit their Facebook page here.



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